Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Takeover

To say that our house has been taken over by STAR WARS is a gross understatement.

I guess if you are going to name your child Luke you run this risk.  You also run the risk that your child will not accept that he is not named after Luke Skywalker.  You run the risk of your son being a little upset that his middle name is not Skywalker.  You run the risk of your son wanting a sister to name Leia or a brother to name Obi Wan.  Yes, these words have come out of his mouth.

I mentioned before that I live with constant light saber wars going on all around me.

See, grow ups visit our house and get sucked into the STAR WARS craze.

Well, I also have a bunch of these little characters all over the house.

I have found them in my kitchen, in my bedroom, in my bed, in the bathroom, in the living room, EVERYWHERE.

Their newest location is this table my Grandfather made for Joshua and I for a wedding present.

(I love this table.  There are only three of them that he made...and I have one!)

When my Grandfather was making this table I bet he never thought that one day it would be the set for STAR WARS.

I bet he was just thinking how Josh and I would eat dinner at it.  Which we did for the first year and a half of our marriage.

But now it holds a lamp, a picture, Bibles, and Darth.....

There are show downs on this table.

And Luke LOVES to arrange them all and yell, "TAKE A PICTURE MOM!!"

And I do.  Then he will set up the next scene.

And yell for another picture.

It goes on for a while.  I have lots and lots of STAR WARS pictures, but I will spare you from seeing them all.

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