Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Map

I found this map in Luke’s backpack. I have no idea if he did this on his own accord or if it was a class assignment. I did not ask. I have a feeling he did it on his own since it is not on school paper.

With a huge smile on my face, I looked at it for a good five minutes or so as many things went through my head:

  • Just in case you are wondering….not drawn to scale. Close, but not.

  • His room is properly placed.

  • The TV room is also properly placed, however it is not really a TV room. Unless you want to call it that because it is a room that contains a TV among MANY other things.

  • Our house does contain bathrooms. More than one in fact.

  • We do have a kitchen, I mean kichin. (Luke is a fantastic speller, so I smile big when he gets one wrong….….that is the me in him. His Daddy is a bona fide spelling bee champ. Me, not so much.)

  • We also have a dining area, and I think that is why on here the kitchen takes up one side of the house.  He has put them together.

  • We do not have a room that’s only purpose in life is to house a Play Station. In fact, I was going to write that we do not even own a Play Station, but then I remembered we do. And it is attached to the TV in the TV room! Clearly, I do not go in that room often and I do not play Play Station.

  • We have a living room and one might have placed it where the Play Station room is. The living room contains a Wii and I wonder if that is sort of what Luke was thinking when he drew this map.

  • We also have one other room, the sitting room, which did not make the map. This is funny, as he often times plays in that room.

  • What stumped me the most was the Pirate Kingdom. I had no clue. You see, for the most part, I can see where Luke came up with all his room placements, but that Pirate Kingdom is sitting where our garage is. Who wants to claim a messy garage as a kingdom??

Then it dawned on me!

My boy has claimed the ENTIRE backyard as his own! Gotta love a cute pirate that swooped in and claimed the entire back yard.

One of my favorite things about this boy is his imagination! So thankful I was able to see it in full force this week.

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