Thursday, November 10, 2011

Childlike Faith

Yesterday afternoon Luke and I were on the couch and he was doing his reading homework. I was sitting listening to him read.

All of the sudden, he put the book down and jumped off the couch.

Momma, I prayed on the playground today!

You did! What did you pray about?

With his eyes wide open and full of excitement, he began to explain to me about this thing on the playground and how much he wanted to jump off of it. He was a little scared, so he prayed three times (his emphasis was on the THREE) before jumping.

And you know what Momma? Jesus kept me safe ALL THE WAY DOWN!!

You know me, I started to think, well, He did but maybe we should not be jumping off stuff. All I know is that I have a cousin who landed herself in the hospital having a major surgery with a broken leg after jumping off something on the playground. But, I kept quiet and continued to listen to him, while praying myself. Praying….do I say something besides how proud I am that he prayed, or not.

He went on to say that there is this other thing that he REALLY wanted to jump off of as well and he planned on praying about that too before he jumped off. He said he just KNEW Jesus would keep him safe on it because he kept him safe that day. He was so full of joy and so happy I wanted to be sure not to kill it for him.

So the rest of the conversation went like this:

Luke, I am SO very proud of you for praying. I love how you pray to Jesus during the day. That is wonderful. You know what else?


God is the one who gave you your super smart brain!

I know!

And you know what else?


He gave you the ability to think things though and make wise choices.

I know; I am very wise. I’m a wise warrior.

Yep. And so besides praying that Jesus will keep you safe before you jump off of something, you also need to think it through and decide is it a WISE choice. You know, like it would not be real wise for mom to go on top of the roof, pray for safety, and then jump off.

He laughed.  I was thankful I did not kill his joy.
He went on to explain that he would be sure to think things through and pray before doing them. As he got back on the couch and continue to read his book I began to thank God for this boy.

This boy reminded me yesterday afternoon of childlike faith… pray and just know and believe that God will keep you safe.


  1. Sweet little story Amanda :) I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.- the cousin with the broken leg ;)

  2. Ha ha, love that you commented. If he breaks his leg, you can sympathize with him. Thanks for your sweet comments and thanks for reading!