Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We’ve finished up with week two of Luke being gone. He is having fun and we are sort of adjusting to him not being here. But, we are READY to go and get him and bring him back.

Counting down the days…….

Yesterday when going through my camera I came across these pictures I took of Luke a few days before he left for his summer with his grandparents.

Luke, I am your father.

You have NO idea how much I’ve heard this in Luke’s lifetime.

Here is the deal, he is NOT named from Luke in STAR WARS. In fact, I’ve never even seen STAR WARS. So, not only do I not know if that Luke is the one with the red light saver (as my Luke likes to call them), I also do not know if he sports a knitted monkey cap. I am guessing he doesn’t, but I really have no clue.

I think Luke has seen the first, or third depending on how you count them, or is it fourth (whatever) STAR WARS movie, but I’m not 100% sure. I know he has at least seen some of it. He has seen enough to know he NEEDED a light saver, so Santa gave him one last year.

Every once in a while, he just goes plain crazy with that lightsaber (see, I know the real name). This particular day, he decided that even thought it was a hot summer day; he needed to wear a knit hat with his Dirk shirt, and went nuts with his red lightsaber.

Oh, and he decided he wanted pictures!

Take my picture Momma!

So, I did. I took a million pictures of him going all STAR WARS crazy.


I started to wonder, does Luke Skywalker have the red stick (as I like to call them), or is it Darth Vader? Then I just started laughing and said:

Luke, I am your father.

Luke looked at me like I was the crazy one here and replied:

No you’re not! You’re my Momma!

Oh, and just where did my Luke's name come from??
After having a terrible time coming up with something, we started thinking of actors and I came up with Owen.  Josh said if we were going to name hm after a Wilson, it should be Luke.
I thought about it for a second and liked it. 
Joshua said a boy needed a strong name, so as we would come up with names, we would then determine if it was a strong one or not.

Josh was not real sure if Lluke was a strong name or not.  I rattled off a couple of Luke's that I could think of that proved my case of a strong name (Luke Skywalker was NOT on the list), but Josh's face was not giving off an "I'm convienced" look.  I started to fret a little, because I really liked the name.
Then, it came to me, Luke DUKE! 
Yes, friends, my husband LOVES the Duke's of Hazzard.  And that was it.  Luke is in fact, a strong name.

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