Friday, August 26, 2011

Luke's Fun Summer Away

I have some pictures from Luke’s stay in South Carolina!  All of these pictures were taken by my father-in-law.  Well actually, that might not be true, I guess my sister-in-law, or mother-in-law could’ve taken some of them.  My point, the great pictures below are not mine.  They come from the Stewarts in South Carolina.

Here are the pictures from his road trip to South Carolina. 

What is funny about these, is that we have some pictures of Luke at these same sites from his first trip to SC.  It will be neat to look back and compare the two.

Here he with Grandma when he first arrived. 

And I am pretty sure it was Luke Great-Grandma who made this cake--so sweet!

One of the fun things that Luke was able to do while staying with his grandparents was to have a season pass to Carowinds!  I completely lost count of how many times they were able to go, but it was a lot!  He had lots of fun there.

This boy LOVES roller coasters!

I just LOVE this picture!!!  I want it framed and in my house.
Luke's Aunt Charity really wanted to go to the zoo and they were able to go towards the end of his stay.

This boy looks too happy for a kid who only has some glass between him an that huge gorilla!

Too sweet.

They also went to Discovery Place (I think that is the name of it).

He worked a puzzle with Grandma and Great-Grandma.

And played his Grandpa's drums!

Another neat thing that Luke was able to do was to tag along with his Aunt Charity for her Senior Pictures.  And not only did he tag along, but he was in a few with her!  I think it is too sweet that she wanted him in her pictures.  She is a great Aunt and Luke misses her so much.  When we got home, he told me he wanted an older sister like her.  My heart melted. 

When we got in the truck to head home from South Carolina, I looked back to him and he was looking down and looking sad.  "What's wrong, Luke?"  I asked him.  "I'm really gonna miss them."  He said.

Luke had such a wonderful time and I cannot thank my in-laws enough for having him out there.  I know it is a summer he will remember forever!

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