Saturday, August 13, 2011

Football Season

Football season is upon us. Which means I receive emails like this from my husband during the day-- what fun food are we having for dinner for the Cowboys game???

Let's just be honest.  Sometimes the replies are, "Hey, why don't you swing by and pick up a pizza and some drinks on your way home" or "Huh?  What game?  I am going out with friends tonight/today."

It also means that if the Cowboys are having a lousy season, the Stewarts are having a lousy season. Josh is a sports freak. Not fan, freak. I knew this when I married him so I rarely complain about it. I’ve just learned to live with it. I’ve learned to find out the score of the game before I come home.

Loosing=no talking. Winning=hey honey, I’m home!

And when I say I rarely complain, I mean it. I think I can count on one hand the times I’ve complained.

1. He became angry and threw a pin he was holding. It hit our TV and punctured a hole in the TV—right in the middle. It seems it actually took me weeks, or months (I don’t remember), to realizes it. I was however ticked when I knew how the hole got there.

2. Our poor Luke was born in the middle of a terrible Cowboys season. Josh screaming while baby Luke is sleeping was not a good idea. He received the evil eye. He then learned to yell quietly and this was actually humorous to watch.

That is pretty much it. I cannot recall getting upset sports wise any other time.

Thursday night was the first preseason game. As luck would have it, earlier in the week I had come across this delicious looking recipe for mushroom sliders.

I thought this would be the perfect occasion to make them and some chips and dip. Not a meal that will help you loose those last five pounds, or the first five.  But, yummy.

Velvetta Cheese
1 can of black beans
1 can of rotel
sour cream
1 pound ground beef browned

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