Thursday, June 30, 2011

Water Balloons

You know with a title like water balloons, there are going to be good pictures. I will try not to disappoint.

It seems that now days, you can buy kits for water balloon fights. When I was a kid, I did not have such a kit. I found a random balloon, filled it with water and went looking for someone to attack. Josh bought one of these little kits and Luke could not wait for a war.

Because I did not want to get wet, I decided to take pictures and remind Luke that water really should not get on the camera. I am a smart woman.

They started getting all of the ammo ready. 

Luke's face in the picture above makes me laugh.  He is serious about the war that is about to happen. 

He is all smiles now.  But will he be later???

I love foreshadowing.
The ammo is ready. 
It was going to be a short war. 
The perch for the red team.  Red is Luke's current favorite color.
Quiz:  Do you know what his first favorite color was? 
In case you were wondering, NO, Josh will not go easy on his son. 
Please note the dry shorts.
And now they are wet. 
The fun has begun.
He is not bothered by the wet clothes.  He must annihilate his Dad. 
Ha ha ha ha ha.
I know the picture above is blurry, but it is my favorite!!  Josh's face, his wet shirt, Luke's arm motion, the strain in Luke's neck...all of it....LOVE IT.  Boys are fun!
Luke was a machine....he kept going at Josh.  Hilarious!
It was a great balloon war.
Still all smiles.

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