Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Photos from a Phone

I was going through my phone deleting some pictures when I came across this one. 

Please excuse the quality, I still have a flip phone (and I love it).

This was taken about two years ago in February.  Luke had gotten terribly sick in the night and could not stop vomiting.  He became severely dehydrated and we took him to the hospital.  I was pretty sure he just had a bad stomach virus, but of course, I was also scared it might be something else more serious. 

This was by far the most terrified I have ever been in my whole life.  The poor boy was a limp rag.  I completely lost it and had to leave the room when all the I.V.s started going in. 

I remember calling my Dad at about 4a.m. and telling him what was going on.  Once I was on the phone with him, I just started crying. 

Turns out this Immigration Paralegal was correct in her diagnosis of her son--just a terrible stomach virus.  Once he was hydrated, he sprung back to life.

The popsicle did wonders too.

From this experience, two things were established:

1.             Luke will no longer eat shrimp in a creamy white sauce.  He is convinced this is what made him sick.

2.            The line, "Please stop it so we don't have to take a trip to the hospital" no longer works.  Rather than stopping whatever dangerous act he is performing, he says, "Yippy, I can get another one of those great popsicles!!"

That was one expensive popsicle.

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