Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Living with Boys

As I have previously mentioned, I live with two boys. The older one is my husband, the younger one is our son.

There are times I can barely make it through the day with all the testosterone running rampant all around me. I know people that live with more than two boys and I just don’t know how they do it!

The up side to living with boys is that really, there is never a dull moment. Someone seems to always be doing something funny….well, at least it is funny to them. The down side, boys are shall we say different. They can get along just fine without order, and with gross things, but cannot live without sports….particularly baseball.

See this.

These are Luke’s t-ball socks and they are draped across a pillar that sits by our front door. When I noticed them, I started to call out for Luke to ask him why he felt he should lay out dirty t-ball socks right by the front door for all to see when they come into our house. Then I realized that Luke is not able to get the t-ball socks off by himself. Josh was not home at the time, so all I could do was to keep trying to figure out myself why he, the older boy of the house, decided this was a great spot for them. Then I seemed to recall that Luke went outside one day with no shoes on, wearing said socks, when the ground was wet and got his socks soaking wet. I then remembered husband assisting Luke it taking off the wet socks. Now, what I cannot figure out is why he, the husband, laid them on the pillar rather than taking the less than ten steps to the laundry room. See, they can live without order (notice that nowhere in this story did Luke pick them up and move them to the laundry room, or even his dirty clothes basket). Me, not so much. I picked up the socks, took actually only five steps (yes, I counted them!) and placed them in the laundry room.

See this.

Here is the story about this. My boys and I took a trip to WalMart one day to purchase a birthday present for one of Luke’s friends. The item above made its way into our shopping cart. I would normally have suspected that the younger boy put it there as he LOVES putting items in the cart that HE deems necessary, i.e. any and everything in sight that is chocolate. But, the fact that Luke perked up and said, “hey, what is this?!?!?!” lead me to believe that the older boy in my life had located this gem of an item and placed it in the cart. I rolled my eyes, looked at my dear husband who was grinning from ear to ear, and tried to forget it was there. However, upon our arrival home, and pretty much every day since, I am reminded of this purchase. BOTH Josh and Luke love to push their hand down in this goop and wait for it……..the fart. See, they can live with gross things. Me, I am learning to deal with it as best I can. I am just thankful that when new people in our lives come to our house to visit, this item is not brought out and played with. Thank you, boys. 

See this.

These are my boys watching the Texas Rangers on TV. The only reason they are perched on the couch watching rather than sitting in the stands is because we did not buy season tickets to the Rangers. Do not feel sorry for them. They will go to a bunch of home games (and even took me to one for Mother’s Day). They will just not attend ALL home games. Because of their love for baseball, things like this happen:

1. Joshua will yell at Luke while he is in the shower to keep him up to speed on the score of a game. Luke will yell back to confirm he heard and to thank his Daddy for the update.

2. Luke will ask if it is in the “plan” for him to stay up late and watch the Rangers.

3. If the answer to #2 above is no, he will be sad, and ask first thing in the morning if the Rangers won.

4. If the answer to #2 above is no, when the game is over, Josh will go see if Luke has fallen asleep or not. If not, he will report the outcome of the game. If there is a high pitched squeal, I know a) Luke is awake; and b) the Rangers won.

5. If the answer to #3 above is yes, well, we are deemed the greatest parents to grace the face of this earth. Luke grabs a blanket and cuddles up next to his Daddy. They watch baseball. They talk baseball. And then, Luke falls asleep while watching baseball.

And really, all of this baseball craziness, I CAN deal with it.

I love them.

A lot!

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