Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Leader in the Making

Luke is strong-willed. I mean REALLY strong-willed.

When he was little, as in an infant under the age of one, my Mother bought me Dr. James Dobson’s book The Strong-Willed Child. I looked at her and said, “Mother, he is a baby. He is NOT strong-willed.” She did not miss a beat, “He belongs to you and Josh, and you will need the book.”

She was right (no surprise). At two and a half, I could not read that book fast enough. As in, it once took Luke over TWO hours of screaming and crying and throwing a fit to START picking up his toys (at my parents’ house). Yes, I battled it out. I was not giving in. It was time to pick up toys, and by golly, he was going to do it. And yes, after two hours of the fit, he began picking them up.

During those very difficult times, I would remind myself that this strong-will would one day pay off. We had a leader with determination on our hands. We just needed to guide him a bit….and make him pick up toys.

So, I’ve been waiting. Waiting to see what God had in store for this leader. To see how He would use his strong-will and leadership qualities.

This week, one of the pay offs came. And let me tell you how wonderful it was to hear the story straight from Luke!

Luke came home from school with a bouncy ball yesterday and I asked how he got it. He explained that he won the ball playing a game.

The class was put into two teams. The game was to see which team could make the most sentences. Luke’s job was to write down all the sentences for his team. He said that when the game began, everyone was yelling the sentences at him and he could not understand them. He then told his team that if they had a sentence, they needed to raise their hand and he would call on them. Then, they could whisper the sentence in his ear, so the other team would not hear and steal their sentences.

Proud Mother moment.  A leader AND organized. 

I said, “Luke, you were being a leader!”

“Is that bad?” he asked.

So, I explained that leaders can be good or bad. After discussing, he explained to me how he was a good leader.

And I could not have agreed more.

I congradulated him on being a good leader and winning the prize!

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