Saturday, May 7, 2011

Brody: An Update

To my surprise, a few friends of mine have actually asked for more pictures of Brody. I thought I would be nice and provide some, as well as a few facts about our dear Brody the Beagle.  (In case you did not see him as a pup, here is my first Brody Post.)

• Brody’s mother, not me the canine one, weighs 17 pounds, and his father, again, the canine not Joshua, weighs 20 pounds. This indicated to us that we would have a beagle around 20 pounds. Brody was 27 pounds back in February and I think he may have even gained a couple more. We need a DNA test.

• Brody appears to be an adult in size. Do not be fooled, his brain functions like the puppy he still is at nine months old.

• This “puppy” also thinks he is a ten pound lap dog, resulting in my almost always having bruises on my thighs. Thank you, Brody.

• Brody dug up my flower beds out back. It was winter, so all was forgiven. If he touches the beds now, which contain flowering plants, he may well be on his way to homelessness.

• Brody does NOT bark and howl as bad as one would think seeing he is a beagle and all. His howling/barking fits mainly come when he hears the garage door opening upon our return home. This is understandable. We are really fun people to be around. Or maybe he just needs out to pee. Take your pick.

• Brody apparently has a hole in his lip as he leaks water all over my entry way and kitchen. The trail starts by the water bowl and ends at the carpet. I am sure it continues on the carpet, we just cannot see it and do not slip and fall on it like we do the other.

• Brody does not mind at all getting his nails trimmed by Josh. Yay! We will never know if he minds me doing it because I will not even attempt it.

• Brody does mind a bath. In fact, he plain hates it. However, it is amazing how self-cleaning this dog is. Seriously. We have put him in his kennel covered in mud (because of all the digging up of my flower beds) and then he comes out clean as a whistle. He is a miracle dog!

• Brody sheds. A lot. Well, he only sheds his white hair as those are the ones I see all over the place. (I am not really that dumb, I know the black and brown hairs are coming out too. No need to email me.)

• Brody’s favorite thing to do is to lie outside and chew on a really big stick. It is called, “Brody’s stick”. Very original.

That is it for now. Perhaps in my next update, I will be able to inform the world that our crazy beagle has calmed down a little and is settling into adulthood. I hope so at least……

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