Monday, August 23, 2010

Today was a great day…if you are a five year old boy

But if you are his mom, it was an emotional roller coaster. When he was eight weeks old and I dropped him off at Ms. Marlo’s house, I cried. When we dropped him off at prep school, I cried. So it was not really a surprise that I cried when we dropped him off at elementary school for his first day of kindergarten. But, here is the difference -- I called Marlo a bunch on that first day (and many days after), and she was so sweet and told me Luke was okay and the happenings of the day. When he went to prep school, we had a friend who worked there and her daughter was in Luke’s class, so she checked on him. I have no allies at elementary school!!

Joshua and I walked to Luke to school and Luke was excited. He was such a big boy as he located his seat and started playing with his play-doh. No tears at all from him. He just started playing. We told him bye and to have a great day. I was so very proud of him. He truly is so excited about going to school and learning new things and making new friends. No tears from me… at this point. But, as Joshua and I walked home, I started to tear up. Where has the time gone? Luke is growing up so quickly.

I could not wait to go and pick Luke up and find out all about his day. He told us about reading books, going to music, playing in the gym, eating lunch, and playing outside on the cool playground (where he did the swings by himself!). He was also full of instructions for us: we need to read his folder EVERDAY, sign it, and he is to return the folder every day. He told us this is VERY important! He made a book today that he was very proud of and did a worksheet. However, he was a little disappointed that he did not get to paint. He said that he guessed they would have to learn things for the next few weeks, but maybe then he could paint. I love it!

He did have homework. Every day he is to read a book and tonight’s selection was Hop on Pop. I love listening to him read and watching him as he sounds out the words.

The first day went great! And we are looking forward to the school year and all that Luke will learn.

And a thank you to all those who took the time to text, email, and call today. Luke was so happy that people would call to see how his day went and I am so thankful that people asked about me as well. I am touched that so many people prayed for us on this day. God is good, Luke had a great first day of school, and his parents lived to tell about it.

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