Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Emergency Health/Clinic Information Form

Luke brought home an Emergency Health/Clinic Information Form and told me that I needed to fill it out so that if he got sick, the nurse would know what to do. So, when we got home, I sat down and started filling out the form.

Luke comes up and asks me what the form says. I explain that we need to write down the name of his doctor and her phone number. Then I showed him the section that asks about medical conditions. He asked what a medical condition was and I told him that sometimes people have problems with their heart, and that is a medical condition. (I know, short answer, but it is was all I could come up with).

Then came the section for allergies and here is how that went:

Luke: What are allergies?

Me: Well, some people have food allergies. Like if they eat a certain food, it will make them very sick.

Luke: I have that!

Me: No, you don’t.

Luke: Yes, I do! Remember that time you made me eat those noodles that I didn’t like?? They made me sick, put it on the paper.

I could not think of one reason why the school nurse needs to know why my son hates my cooking, so I left that one blank.

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