Monday, November 12, 2012

A New Baby in Town

Sean and Kayla had a baby!  Their sweet baby boy was born last week.

Can I just say that it is way fun and exciting to know from the start that someone is pregnant, but BOY it makes for a long wait!  You can read all about Kayla finding out she was pregnant here on her blog.

Luke and I went to see little Jude last Friday night. When I picked Luke up, the following conversation took place.

"Hey, we are going to see Jude!"

"YES!!!!  I can't wait to see my new little cousin.  Wait, he is my cousin, right?!?!  Is Kayla my Aunt??"

"It feels like Kayla is your Aunt doesn't it?  Yes, Jude can be your cousin."

When we got there, Luke stormed in their house and made a mad dash to see his new cousin.  Meanwhile, Sean and I were bringing some stuff into the house.  Luke was so excited that he saw Jude first and touched him first, and was the first one to see him in person and confirm that yes, he is indeed cute as can be.

I had my fair share of snuggling too.  I got the impression that he really liked me.  I hope to be babysitting that little boy.  And after all, I owe Kayla many babysitting favors!

Congrats guys!  I am so happy and excited for you both!! 

**Thank you to Sean for taking our pictures since I am a total goof and failed to bring my camera!!


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