Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!

There are some things that I am just real good about and some things that I am not.  And one thing that, unfortunately, I am real bad about is throwing Joshua a birthday party.  I do not think I have given him a party in the last seven or eight years.  Maybe even longer -- terrible!  Each year I have real good intentions, but then things happen and I totally fail at it.  

I would complain about it to Joshua and say something like, you know, your birthday and father’s day are back to back weekends and right when summer starts and well….. you know, that is just real hard.  But, my birthday is the day after Christmas and he seems to find ways to give me birthday parties…..EVERY year!  Even if it is just celebrating with one other family, he pulls it off.  So, I’m thinking he will not be real sympathetic to me and my woe-is-me-who-has-to-deal-with-two-events that are days apart.

But, this year….THIS is the year I had my act together!

Sort of.  I thought about his birthday like two months in advance and I started planning a party in my head.  I even bought a few items for his party.  Then life happened and I forgot to invite people!  Yep, I totally rock at putting together a party for my dear husband.  It turns out our friends are pretty cool with some last minute notification about a birthday party and they all came!  Thank you friends!

Joshua wanted a strawberry cake, so a strawberry cake it was!  And this time when I made it, I did not mess up the icing.  Yay me!

I am so thankful everyone was able to come over.  We had a great time cooking out, eating, laughing, and celebrating Joshua!

We had a Texas Rangers birthday party for Josh!  And we had ballpark food to eat -- hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos!  Yum!

Let it be known that The Sister decided I was not making enough jalapeno poppers and came over with everything needed to make more!  Thank you, dear Sister!

The Sister, Kayla, and I then proceeded to stand in the kitchen and eat ourselves sick of peppers.  Sean got in our way a few times, but we ran him out.

Josh's BFF, Jerel, gave him a Raffy bobble head.  Can you tell how happy Josh is??

The little boys had fun outside.

And for some reason, our friends can't just let Josh and I have our picture taken.  And they moved before I could hit them.

Bunch of clowns!

Finally got it!

Happy Birthday Joshua!!

I love you!!

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