Monday, June 18, 2012

Joshua and Luke

In the blink of an eye my boys went from looking like this.

To looking like this.

In the first picture Luke is exactly one year old.  That was Luke's first trip to the zoo on his birthday.  He had been walking for two months!  That little boy had no hair, but it looks like Joshua had a little that day.  I teared up yesterday when Joshua walked up to me holding that picture. 

The second picture was taken yesterday.  Luke has hair; Josh, not so much ! 

Those boys bring me joy.  

Those boys make me laugh.

Those boys throw baseballs in the house when they are not supposed to.  They knock over my stuff.....and break it.

But, I love them. 

They are best buds.

I am so thankful Joshua is not a real good cook.  It means they will need me longer.

Hopefully forever.  Yes, as in if Luke never moves out I will probably be okay with it.

Because I also like pictures like this.

I love my boys.

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