Monday, July 11, 2011

Horse Races and Dwight

Back in high school, I took a liking to Dwight Yoakam. My Dad would (and still does) make fun of me; saying, “Ol' tight britches! You like ol' tight britches?” Well, yes, that is part of the charm….the britches, the hat, the dancing, the songs. I just like him.

Since Joshua and I have been married, we’ve intended to go and see Dwight three times, but something always came up. Earlier this year when we realized he would be here this summer, we decided we were going for sure.

This time around, he was performing after the horse races and for the price of a general admission race ticket; you could see the concert out on the lawn after the races. We had never been to the races, so we were also excited about seeing them.

The races were so fun and exciting. I went right down to the track to take a few pictures and it was great.

After the last race was over, we took our seat out on the lawn and people watched to pass the time until the concert began. People watching is fun, but people watching with Joshua is hilarious. He comes up with these great names for people and it just cracks me up.

And then finally, Dwight came on. I knew we would enjoy ourselves, but part of me was worried he would not sound as good live, but I was WRONG. He was great.

And because my husband is wonderful, he took charge of the camera and took pictures so that I would not miss one second of the concert. Thank you, Dear.

Dwight was awesome. And let me tell you, when he sang Fast as You and did the “Ah, So good” part, I just melted. That alone was worth the price of admission. My melting was plain to see by Joshua, as when I looked over at him, he was smiling down at me. He knew all was right with me and Dwight.

Because the concert was out on the lawn, we decided to get atop of this small hill so that we could see better, rather than standing a couple of rows back and being surrounded by tall cowboys. The choice was great and we had an awesome view. But, about halfway through the concert, Josh took off for the stage. He returned with great pictures.

The adult version of a flip book:

My husband rocks. He knew that I was not only there to hear, "Ah so good", but I also was also there to see him boot scoot across the stage like only Dwight Yoakam can. Loved every minute of it!

Oh, and ps…when I told my Dad we went out to see Dwight, he said, while laughing, “Well, you finally got to see ol' tight britches!”

Yes, I did!

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