Friday, April 13, 2012

Random Ramblings

Two weeks ago Luke got super duper sick with strep.  I mean the boys was sick.  One day I went to Kroger to get him some movies to watch while he was laying on the couch and two of them I had seen before.  The other, I had not.  Well, five minutes into the PG movie that I had never seen, but read the summary of and had determined that it would be okay, they were showing a girl being pulled out of a body bag in the morgue for her dad to ID her.  I jumped of the couch in record breaking time to get that movie out of the blue ray player and told Luke he would need to choose another movie.

MUCH to my delight, the boy asked if he could watch Labyrinth.  And because I will NEVER say no to watching that movie, we watched it.  That is one of my all time favorite movies from my childhood.  I know David Bowie is slightly creepy in that movie, but it is just part of the charm.  Josh got home from work and Luke told him about watching Labyrinth and Josh looked at me and rolled his eyes.  Yep, I rock as a Mother.  I know, no need to say it.  Josh hates that movie and there is just no reason why.

You remind me of the babe. 
What babe? 
The babe with the power.  
What power? 
Power of voodoo 
Who do? 
You do Do what? 
 Remind me of the baby

Yes, Luke is learning the lyrics and yes, he will randomly say, "You remind me of the babe."  And he FULLY expects for me to ask, "what babe?"  I do not disappoint.

When Josh signed Luke up to play baseball this season he was told they did not need any more coaches.  Josh was a little disappointed.  Because of Josh's love for baseball and his desire for kids to know and understand how to play, he would help them out and give pointers from the sidelines.  After two games, many of the parents of other players went up to the coaches and told them Josh needed to be a coach.  Coach Josh is now on the roaster.  And Coach Josh is helping those boys get better.  I love watching him.


And speaking of baseball.  These two baseball crazy guys went in together and bought season tickets to the Ranger games.  Here they are in their seats. 

Luke made me cupcakes the other day.  They were delish.  (gotta love a boy with an imagination!)

The Sister and I went out walking this past Saturday morning.  I absolutely loved having two hours to ourselves.  It was much needed.  I love spending time with our families, but the girl time is fun too and it has been hard to work it in here lately.  We passed a wheat field on our walk and I just had to stop and take a picture of it.  Beautiful!

Yes, my Easter candy.  Please tell me that you understand that the Reese's Egg tastes different, and even BETTER than a regular Reese's cup. 

I have become fully obsessed lately with making tostadas.  I've been baking corn tortillas in the oven until they are nice and crispy.  These contained grilled chicken, corn, black beans, avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, cheese, and maybe something else, I do not recall.  Oh, and some lime juice.  LOVE them!!

The other day Luke was all mad at Hank and yelling at him for getting his cars.  I went over to get onto Hank and noticed that the dog did not have a car in his mouth at all.  So I told Luke Hank was not bothering his cars.  "Yes he IS!!"  Luke said.  "He walked by and MOVED one!"  Um, this boy is a little particular about his cars when there is a Grand Prix race going on!  

And speaking of Hank....well, let us just say he will be a little less of a manly dog after today.  

Poor Hank.

Happy Friday y'all and have a great weekend!!


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