Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Game Ball

My Luke wanted to get the game ball bad.  But he also knew he must earn it.  So, he has been talking about it.  Talking about what he has done well in past games.  And we talked about how if he continues to do the best he can; he too will receive the game ball.

During his game last Wednesday night he went one for two at the plate.  He struck out his first at bat and got a single at the second at bat.  He scored too.

His shining moments came on defense.  He played center and left field, like one of his favorites Josh Hamilton.  The boy was stellar.  He was stopping some balls that were hit pretty hard and throwing them in fast.  I thought he was going to catch his first fly ball.  But, he just missed it.  He looked good though.

He also got a ball while playing center and looked up and no one covering second, so he ran it in and tagged the runner.  It was a tie, so of course the runner was safe, but BOY did he look good doing it!  

Josh and I yelled a lot.  A LOT.  Our boy did so well.

And after the game the coach was talking about who would get the game ball.  "This player has been playing so good and has improved so much already in the short pre-season."  He said, "give a BIG round of applause for…..Luke".  Luke was so happy.

Luke’s parents were so happy.

We have been talking about what makes Luke a good baseball player.  He knows it is not Luke.  It is not Luke’s dad and not Luke’s coaches.  It is Luke’s God.  We congratulated him and gave praise to God.

I am so happy Luke’s baseball role model is an outfielder who has stumbled and failed, but gives God all the credit for his abilities.  It makes it easier on us parents who are trying to teach out kids to do the same.

Congratulations Luke on that game ball, you earned it for sure!  But more importantly, congratulations for knowing where your abilities have come from.  Your Dad and Mom are beyond proud of you!

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