Monday, April 9, 2012

Texas Rangers Weekend Fun!!

Joshua and his best friend went in together and bought season tickets for the Ranger's baseball season this year.  We did not realize that Luke was out of school last Friday, otherwise they would have bought two extra tickets for Luke and I to attend opening day with them.  Luke was a little disappointed that he was not able to go to the opening game, but Josh had bought extra tickets for us to go for the rest of the weekend games!

On Saturday we were there early so we could watch batting practice.  

Within five minutes of getting there, one of the bullpen pitchers, Alexi Ogando, spotted Luke and tossed up a ball for him.  Thank you to Josh's friend for catching the ball for Luke...who had left his glove at home!  

Luke was so excited to have his batting practice ball!

Once the Rangers were done with their batting practice Luke came over to sit with me and watch.  As we were sitting there Luke noticed this group of about six girls who looked to be just a little bit older than him.  They would start screaming and yelling for the balls that were hit out to us and Luke would roll his eyes.  He was so annoyed by the girly yelling AND the fact that they wanted a baseball hit by the other team.  "Don't they know the Ranger's are NOT hitting these!!!!"  It was hilarious. 

I have no idea why he has started with the peace sign, but it cracks me up.  His Aunt Charity would be so proud!

We had so much fun Saturday night at our first family game of the season.  We yelled and cheered our Rangers on.  Once the game was over we let Luke get a souvenir and he choose this cute monkey, which he named Nolan.  Luke said Nolan would be attending all the games with him this year.

 The four of us went again to the game on Sunday night!

We got there early again, and it was raining a little, so they dropped Luke and I off at the gate and we went in and went to the new Kids' Zone area!!

It was so neat!!

Luke loved going down the huge bat slide!

We were able to get into the park early with our season ticket passes so there were hardly any other kids in here at the time.

Luke also played Plinko and had TWO home runs in a row!!!  He won a pack of baseball cards!

We also played tic tac toe on a HUGE board with bean bags and he was able to play video games with the teenage boys who were working there. 

They had all these things the kids could limb in and shoot balls around.  Luke is swinging a bat around in the picture below. 

 There was also this HUGE Texas Rangers "T" on the wall.

The kids could jump on these squares that would light up the "T". 

Luke jumped and jumped and jumped, but he did not weigh enough to light it all the way up!

So some boys helped him! 

Luke played in the Kids Zone area for almost an hour before he was tired and then we went on to our seats.

We had so much fun at the game and enjoyed watching all the home runs! 

It is going to be a fun season of baseball for the Stewarts!!   

Luke and I will be watching from home tonight while Josh and his friend go out to watch Yu Darvish pitch his first game with the Rangers. 


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