Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Zoo

Joshua and I took off one day durning Luke's spring break and we all went to the zoo. Of all the many trips to the zoo that we have gone on, this was by far my favorite.


Because for the first time ever, we had a Safari Guide. And we had the best Safari Guide ever.

This kiddo was all about the map. He lead us from one place to the next and read all about the animals.

Also, on this trip to the zoo, I decided that I want a bird.

Look how beautiful that bird is! And those are my pretty pink (and chipped) fingernails!

We all had such a fun time feeding the birds.

So, I told Joshua, I want a bird. The only problem.....we have a beagle. I am thinking a beagle and a bird living in the same house is not really a good idea. That poor bird will die, or our beagle will die trying to kill the bird. Either way, not so good. So, I guess we will not get a bird.

We had such a great day and took a lot of great pictures.

These are the kinds of pictures Joshua likes to take....

These are the kind of pictures I like to take.....

And if you have the time to spare, here a lot more pictures at the zoo......

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