Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Glove and Cleats

Its official, I have a t-ball player!  And not only do I have a t-ball player, but I have a t-ball coach.  I cannot determine who is more excited – Luke that he is on a t-ball team, or Joshua that he is coaching one. 
Joshua took Luke to get his glove and cleats and I asked if I could go along. Luckily for me, they both said yes.

When we walked up to the gloves I was in absolute shock at the vast number of gloves to choose from.  I immediately spoke up and put my two cents worth in.  “Um, let’s stay away from the hundred dollar gloves.”  I mean, if this kid starts playing in the majors, THEN we will stop at nothing for the glove.  But for now, I am thinking cheaper will do him just fine. 

I guess because I was quick with my knowledge about the price of a glove Luke thought that I actually knew about them. He kept asking me questions. As I clicked away with my camera I would say, “I have no idea, ask your Dad.” 

Joshua picked out a couple for Luke to try on and they settled on this nice glove.  Luke liked it.  I liked that it cost nowhere in the vicinity of a hundred dollars.

Then we moved onto cleats.
As Luke was trying them on, I was again taking pictures. I was getting some strange looks from some people as I was clicking away with my camera. I realized that my “my-son-is-playing-t-ball-for-the-first time” neon flashing sign was off. I turned it back on. And people took notice.  A few minutes later,a lady commented, “playing ball for the first time, huh?” Yes, lady, he is.  And yes, I am proud.
And maybe just a little crazy.
Out with the crocs, and in with the cleats.

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