Monday, October 15, 2012

Beyond Blessed

From time to time Luke will ask me to sleep with him.  And so, from time to time, I will do so on Friday nights.  I know the day is coming soon when he will be too old for this and so, for now, I enjoy snuggling up to him while I can.

And when I do, I almost always lay there looking at him for a while before I go to sleep.  This past weekend was no different.  He was asleep when I went to bed and as I laid there, I began thinking as I so often do about how blown away I am that God entrusted us to raise this boy.  I always figured motherhood would be great and all, but I had no clue how much I would learn from him, how much I could love him, how much I could be in awe of him.

I love his smarts.  He is a thinker like none other.  He loves to create and invent things.  He loves science, he loves reading.  I love his brain...and I love watching it at work.

Those blue eyes....awwwww!  And the freckles...they are growing in number and every time I look into his face they remind me of how he is growing up oh so very fast!

He is indeed crazy.  I mean get down and have fun crazy.  He does not care who is looking and what anyone thinks.  He loves to have fun and laugh.  He KNOWS how to have a good time.  His laugh is contagious.  But, his craziness....well, he might just get it honestly......

But, at least he is thankful for his crazy family.  So far, that is one of my favorite leaves on our thankful tree!
He likes to redecorate our house.

I have no clue why he put that car there.  All I know is when I saw it, I laughed.  And then I decided I would leave it there.  This is not the only decorating he has done.  He decorated his Texas Rangers stuff.  Baseball posters all over.  He loves to change up the bathroom....dirty clothes on the floor rather than in the hamper....toothpaste in the sink.  Boy stuff.  I love the reminder of boys and their ways....

He takes me on dates.

He is on a fixed income of $1 a week (for putting away his laundry) so I end up paying.  But, it is the thought that counts.  I love that he will ask me out, and even pick our dinner location.

And, a boy after my own heart......he takes me out to dessert too!

Yes, Mom, I'm cool and asked you out for yogurt, and because I am cute I got you to pay for it.  (don't even ask me about those arm bands, I don't get them.)

Picking him up from school is one of the highlights of my day.  I have been instructed by him to always look and see if he is out on the playground when picking him up.  Because if he is, I am to stop and wave like crazy to him as he walks to the building.  I of course have no problems with doing it.

He is currently into STAR WARS origami.  If you mess up and think the storm trooper looks like a panda bear, he will get a little out of sorts.  And laughing about your mistake does not make things better.  I know this from my own error and then watching Joshua make the same mistake.  

Luckily for me, I knew this one was Yoda.

Three days a week he goes to karate and it is pure entertainment for me.  I love watching him spar.

He loves to spar his teacher.....

I am so beyond blessed by this boy.  I am so thankful God chose me to be your Momma.  I love you Luke!

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