Friday, October 5, 2012


Today I was looking back through my blog entries for a recipe and I came across this entry about Hank.  I had not realized it has been a year since we got that crazy dog!  That means he's had his first birthday and we failed to celebrate it....oops.  His birthday was in August and August was a bit crazy at our house.  Please forgive us, Hank!

Here is Hank today....full grown and ten pounds!

Here is Hank the day we got him.  Tiny....maybe two pounds.

I realized I do not have many pictures of Hank on the camera and that is because the dog does not sit still long enough to take his picture.  He is ALWAYS on the move.

Unless he is asleep on the computer......

He is most loved by Luke.  Luke will give that dog kisses every chance he can get.

He is spoiled the most by his Dad.

And as for me, he loves me most when I am in the kitchen cooking.  I often drop food....he cleans up for me.

When we first got him, he did not bark for like 7 or eight 8 months.  But now, he barks.  He is our watch dog.  BEWARE.....

Just kidding.  That dog has a loud bark, but he is too cute and lovable to hurt anyone!

He is just a weenie.....

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