Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day -- Recycling

I must confess that I am not much of a recycler. Well, that is not true. The more honest answer is that I do not recycle. Anything. And in fact, I just do not care about it. Sad, I know and not the greatest start to a blog entitled Happy Earth Day.

The funny thing is that I have child who is slightly obsessed with recycling. He has been asking for a while why we do not recycle and has pretty much latched onto the idea that we need to do it to make the Earth a better place. Nothing like a six year old to convict you of something.

A few weeks back he was at it again about this recycling thing and I could not get him off my back about it. Finally I relented and said, “Fine, if you want to recycle, you find the plastic tubs to do it and it is your thing. You take care of it. Just tell us when you have the tub full and we will take you to the recycling center.”

The boy found himself a couple of tubs in about two seconds, had them labeled in about five, and in about a minute, had created a chart to keep track of the number of items he was recycling. He is a boy on a mission. And I was impressed. All I could think of was “tree hugger”. Hum…..I need to find him a shirt with that on it.

So, the Stewarts, well, the youngest one, is now a recycling nut. He announced earlier this week that the tub containing plastic to be recycled was full.

Really? How could this be? He has not been doing it for more than a week or so. Seems that we use A LOT of things that are in plastic containers.

Luke and his Daddy will be making a trip to the recycling center tomorrow and Luke cannot wait.

My Luke could not be happier about Earth Day and his impending trip to the recycling center where he will proudly hand over all the Stewart plastic of the past couple of weeks.

If given the chance, I think he would have gladly planted a thousand or so trees today in further celebration. I must find him a tree hugger shirt!

He at least feels good that he has whipped our house into shape and has us on the straight and narrow of recycling.

I love my boy.

My boy who wants to make the Earth a better place.

My boy, with a mission.

My boy who has made a difference -- a difference in me, who now thinks twice before throwing out the shampoo bottle, and a difference for our Earth.

Happy Earth Day! (I honestly never thought I would say that….or type it.)

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