Thursday, February 17, 2011


My Luke has starting making up songs. A lot. He will belt them out from just about anywhere at any time.

The other night he was in the bathroom and I was across the hall in his bedroom. This is what I heard.

My mom is 99. My mom is 99.

Here is the deal. My son is fully aware, at the age of six that his mother does not like to discuss her age. However, he is like his Daddy and thinks he is funny when he does these types of things to me.

I did not say a word to him. I just turned around and gave him the evil eye. They eye that says, “If you do not stop singing that song right this minute, I will…..I will…….Well, you don’t even want to know what I will do!!”

It scared him. A lot. So he changed his words.

My mom is 100. My mom is 100.

Clearly the threat of bodily harm is not the way to my son’s heart. So, I walked into the bathroom, looked into his big blue eyes and sang a little song of my own.

Someone’s not getting birthday presents. Someone’s not getting birthday presents.

He smiled. He laughed.

I smiled. I laughed. I was not kidding.

And he knew it.

My mom is 26. My mom is 26.

He may be a little stubborn, but he is a smart one.

I think I will keep him.

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