Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I recently discovered that Luke was taking pictures with my camera again. Well, I did not so much discover it, rather, I heard him say, “Hey Momma, can you move over? You are in my picture.”

What is so important that his Momma needed to move, you ask?

Yes, PEZ. The most fun candy on the plant – part toy and part candy!

After the photo shoot with the PEZ candy was over, I noticed that Luke was gone and so was my camera. Rather than call him and request he bring it back, I decided to let him take more pictures….for my entertainment, of course.

This one from a few months back is one of my favorites.

Why Luke?

Because I am a boy, Momma!

Okay, moving forward with the current pictures. Here is the next photo that he took.

Completely out of focus, but still cute. However, most importantly, it's the PEZ dispenser! A little obsessed with the PEZ on this particular day.

Then I found this picture.

At first, I was completely confused, until I realized it was actually taken this way.

Just a few things about this picture:

  1. Why is he carrying my purse? Did he rob me of all my loose change? I need to go and give his piggy bank a good shake.
  2. What is the deal with his hand? Is he really holding it out there, or is this a picture taken while in motion? I need to know. I've said it before and I will say it again -- boys. are. odd.
  3. Someone needs to get after that back door as it is DIRTY.
  4. Joshua needs to install a doorbell in the back for Brody to ring when he is done with his business so that we can avoid that back door looking like this again!
  5. And lastly, and perhaps the best, Luke did a fantastic job of capturing the beautiful sunlight that was coming in that day! Good job Luke!
I may have recurring posts of pictures by Luke. I find it interesting the things a six year old boy chooses to photograph.

Now I am off to clean that back door as I am completely bothered by it.

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