Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced In

We’ve been iced in for two days here. The three of us have had a great time together. However, being trapped in the house makes people do crazy things….well, makes the boys do crazy things.

Like this.

I asked Luke what in the world he was doing. He was quick to say that Daddy took the picture. And I believe him.

Luke also locked his Daddy in his room. This was funny to Luke. But, what was really funny was that Joshua stuffed pillows in Luke’s bed and covered them up to make it look as if he was asleep. Meanwhile, being the great Daddy he is, Josh hid in the closet. It was very loud the moment Luke realized his Dad was not in the bed, but was screaming and coming at him from the closet! And I am not sure if it was a coincidence or not, but Luke was wearing different clothes shortly after this stunt.

Luke is also now addicted to The Price is Right. We do not just watch the show, but we play! Luke has won a woman’s watch, a car, a trip to Singapore (which he is real excited about), camping equipment, and much more that I cannot even remember. As soon as it warms up, we will all patiently wait on the porch for his prizes to be delivered in the mail.

Wars have also been going on in this house -- nerf wars and army man wars. Stepping on the nerf bullets does not hurt much, but those green army men have taken over this place and they hurt when you step on them!! Who knows when all of those guys will make it back into the bucket. My guess is that it will not be today.

Luke and I made cupcakes, which is not really crazy except for the part where I caught him licking the beaters and then putting the beaters back in the mix. Boys are weird. However, I must say, the cupcakes are wonderful. It might be the sweet spit from a six year old that put them over the top!

But, I love these two crazy boys and I have loved the extra time with them both.

Just got word that Luke is out of school again tomorrow!  I guess the craziness will continue.....

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