Monday, January 3, 2011

Stewart Baseball

Santa brought a finger baseball game to the Stewart house for Christmas. The game was under the tree in Joshua’s section of goodies, but I think Santa had a sneaky suspicion that Josh would play the game with Luke.

Over the weekend my boys finally had the chance to get the game out and play. I was not paying much attention to them at first, but once the whooping and hollering started, I could not help but go over and watch. The both of them were having the greatest time….Luke more so since at the time he was winning!! Actually, I think he ended up winning the entire game. Whoo Hoo!

(Please pay no attention to the clothing these boys are wearing. They had no idea they were going to be photographed and better yet that the photos would hit the internet. Yes, Luke does own clothes that fit; he just chooses not to wear them. Yes, my husband is wearing my Senior Class t-shirt from…well, from a while back.)

It is really a neat game. I have it on good authority that Santa obtained the game, not from the North Pole, but here

Not only does the company have a baseball game, but they also have football, soccer, and golf. Santa knew that the boys in this house are crazy baseball fans and are still basking in the glory of the Ranger’s great season, so I guess that is why they received the baseball game.

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