Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I cleaned out our pantry the other day, but this was not due to any new year’s resolution. This was just because the pantry needed cleaning out and I happened to have time to do it shortly after the new year.

In cleaning it out, I discovered that I have three bottles of white vinegar. Clearly, I do not look in my pantry before shopping. I am not even sure what I am using the vinegar for, but I certainly have no clue as to why I seem to be buying it all the time. New Year’s Resolution #1: not to buy white vinegar in 2011. Seems easy, but I am not so confident that I can pull it off.

The next thing I discovered is that I have a ridiculous amount of paper cupcake holders. I received some for Christmas, but not even taking those into account, I just have a crazy number of these things. One would think I would resolve not to buy anymore, but that is not realistic and I do not want to set myself up for failure. New Year’s Resolution #2: to make more cupcakes and muffins in 2011. Do not be surprised if you receive cupcake gifts throughout the year from the Stewarts!

Next up, are Ziploc bags. I seem to have a crazy number of these things as well….like three or four hundred!! Now, if I was a Sam’s Club card holder, this would not be too shocking, but I am not. Like the vinegar, I seem to just randomly decide to buy Ziploc sandwich bags. And why am I buying these things?? Luke does not even use them for school! I guess I will be delivering the cupcakes individually wrapped in a Ziploc bag. New Year’s Resolution #3: find other clever ways to use Ziploc sandwich bags in 2011.

Lastly, as I do not want to bog myself down in resolutions, I discovered that I had about 15 boxes of expired jell-o mix. (I will not be offended in any way if you pass judgment on me for this one as it is justified) I was unaware that the stuff actually expired! I am not even a fan of making jell-o. Why did I purchase so much of this stuff and then not even make it? Was I supposed to make it for Luke? I have no idea!! Obviously, I compulsively buy stupid things at the store. New Year’s Resolution #3: no more jell-o mix boxes in 2011.

I will reevaluate my life in a year and see how I held up. What about you; any New Year Resolutions??

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