Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unsolved Mystery

I previously blogged about a mystery at our house. Mystery at the Stewarts

And because I have read so many true crime books, Nancy Drew books, and watched Law & Order, I had assumed I solved the mystery.

My best friend and her husband have informed me otherwise. He in fact states that he did not commit the crime. His wife states that she did not do it. Both of their boys state they did not do it.

I questioned my family again and they too state they did not do it.

I am now kicking myself for not fingerprinting the crime scene. What was I thinking?? I have failed as a detective. Nancy Drew would be so disappointed.

Here is the deal. Either:

a. I live with liars
b. I am friends with liars or
c. My friends have boys who are liars

Regardless, there is a liar in my life! 


I hope they are ashamed.  I hope they can not sleep at night.

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