Wednesday, October 6, 2010

State Fair of Texas

We decided this year we would take Luke to the fair and he was super excited. He received his ticket at school last Friday and it was a countdown to Monday morning.

Our Monday started promptly at 7am. “Wake up! It is FAIR DAY!!!” yelled an excited five year old boy.

So excited in fact, that he could not eat his breakfast.

We arrived and had a blast.

• Luke worked on a farm

• We saw animals…and a lot of them

• Rode the Texas Star

• Luke played games on the midway….and won three prizes!

• Saw our favorite policeman as he worked the fair

• Luke sat on motorcycles for the first time…he wants one….and so does his daddy

• Received a free knife and measuring cups and cooking spices

• Saw Big Tex….Luke was amazed

• Watched food demonstrations

• Kept Luke from getting in a hot tub

• Saw a marching band

• Saw the Tom Landry exhibit

• Had a Fletcher’s corny dogs

• Watched Luke throw footballs

• Bought Salt Water Taffy

• Luke threw a penny in a fountain, made a wish….and will let us know if it comes true

• Watched the BMX bike show

• Introduced Luke to a funnel cake….then I had to watch it disappear ever so quickly

• Went through the Train Exhibit

• Saw lots of neat arts and crafts….Luke said it would really be better if he could do some artwork while in that building

• Sat in a LOT of cars and trucks

• Luke played in Big Tex’s sandbox…yes, it is big

• Luke became a Dallas Cowboy!

I feel there was much more, but I cannot recall it now. We had a great time…too bad we were back to our normal schedule on Tuesday. We all could have used a day to recoup!

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