Wednesday, July 21, 2010

tuesdays at the stewarts

tuesdays at the stewarts are my favorite weeknight. we have friends over for dinner and then the 80s movie club convenes for a movie. sometimes dinner is very simple, at times it is me trying out a new dish (ha ha - my guinea pigs), but if everyone is lucky i will actually put forth some effort and make a great meal for us. and if the stars and moon are aligned just right, there is even dessert! last night i put forth the effort and the galaxy looked good. i am not really that fabulous of a cook, i just know where to find great recipes and for the most part, i can follow directions.

our main dish and one side dish came from the pioneer woman. i love her recipes and her website is a hoot with wonderful photos.

our other side dish was the spectacular secret recipe for mashed potatoes from my friend liz. these are hands down the BEST mashed taters that have ever graced my lips. thank you much to her for sharing this recipe with me!! ;-)

throw in some rolls and salad….this meal was great and the time with friends was even better.

and for dessert, a peach cobbler from hamm’s orchard. it may not be homemade, but boy is it good!!

the 80s movie club started up a several months back and we compiled a list of a couple hundred movies we need to see. it is going to take us a while to tackle them all, but we are a determined group. Last night i picked top gun. i L-O-V-E, LOVE, this movie! when i was a kid, my brother’s nick name was goose. at the time, i had not seen the movie and all I knew was that he looked like a person in it. fast forward a few years and the first time i saw the movie i cried like a baby when goose died! my brother did look just like anthony edwards and had been in the navy so i got all carried away thinking he could have died…..however he did not fly jets or anything… mind just gets going sometimes. shocker, i know…

i feel the need…….the need for speed!!!!
(sorry, i could not resist)

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