Thursday, July 15, 2010

hardy biscuits

this past spring my dad asked me if I would “babysit” his hardy hibiscus (hardy biscuits as luke calls them) this year as he was going to redo his flowerbeds in the back. i said yes that i would love to…… because he said i keep half of them! who can turn down free flowers and beautiful ones at that? however, with the new plants came the pressure not killing them as my daddy has had them for over ten years!! i would not only have to buy him new plants if I killed them, but i would have to live with it for the rest of my life. and i knew that he would not let me live it down.

well, the biscuits are doing great and are so very pretty to look at. here they are from little sprouts to gigantic flowers. thank you daddy for the backyard beauty for the summer!!

ps—these things multiple like crazy……SO, if anyone wants to swap some plants let me know! i will give half back to my dad next spring and will still have plenty to swap if the opportunity arises.

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