Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my luke

luke goes to preschool, and for the most part, this is a great thing. he has a wonderful teacher, the staff is great, and he has learned all kinds of things. however, i have a complaint: they let these kids talk to each other. what is the harm in this? let me tell you:

  1. he knows that we did not go to see toy story 3 on the day it opened, friday. but, that we went a day late and saw it on saturday.
  2. he knows that the wii exists, and that we do not have one.
  3. he knows that little brothers and sisters exist, and he would like a sister.
  4. he knows that there is a sea world, and we are not going this summer.
  5. he knows that it is funny to talk about your bottom, poop, and farts.
  6. he knows that you get a LOT of money when you lose your first tooth, and he can hardly wait.
  7. he knows there is a disney world, and that he has not been. and that he wants to go….now!
i think it is great that luke can read, count to 100, spell, and write clearly, but along with these great things, he has also learned that he does not have everything he wants and that he does not always get things when he wants them. wait a second, maybe that is not such a terrible thing to learn at five after all. hummmm……..you do not get everything you want in life, and sometimes you have to be patient and wait. i take it back, no complaints at all about preschool.
i forget these two things so many times.

here is my sweet and smart luke. i love him more than there are stars in the sky.


  1. This is SO great, Amanda! And, you are right: your family is beautiful, smart, and hilarious. I've bookmarked your blog. Right on! Or should I say, Write on!