Friday, September 14, 2012

A Conversation

Before you read the conversation, let me begin by coming clean that I have brainwashed my child into thinking I am 27.  


Ask him how old his Mom is and he will tell you 27.  In fact, he stood so firm to this idea to my Dad and Brother once that my Brother later came to me to talk about Luke's lying problem.

I really see no harm in it.  I could pass for 27, right???

Luke:  Mom, how old are you?  Really.

Me:  34.

Luke:  Wow.  That is just......just, soooooo hard to believe!

Me:  Because I look so young and all?

Luke:  YES!  And how old is Dad?

Me:  34.  But he just turned 34 and I will be 35 soon.  I am really six months older than him.

Luke:  Wow.  That is hard to believe too.

Me:  What is it about Dad that makes him seem older?

Luke:  It’s his beard and mustache. 

Me:  I see.  And what is it about me that makes me seem younger?

Luke:  It is just you!!  You seem so much younger.  AND your hair!  Like when you wear it in a ponytail, but mostly when you wear it in the two braids.  That REALLY makes you look young.

I love that kid!  Tomorrow will be a two braid kind of day for sure and I just might do it for the rest of my life!

Happy Friday!

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